How To Make Flowers For Wedding Cakes

How to decorate the wedding cake with flowers?
Consider to make a floral arrangement on the wedding cake. Flowers from trade can be expensive, but self-realization is not an expensive business and requires only a few things. Choose from natural flowers or artificial flowers and make sure you match with the style and color of the party. Let your creativity to work and you’ll  have a floral arrangement that will be as unique as your special moment.
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Instructions for how to make your own flowers :
You will need: flowers, linear, scissors, cardboard, foam, flower band, glue, artificial leaves.

Choose the color that you want to have the flowers which you will use for the flower arranging. Usually, the flowers on the wedding cake match with the rest of the bouquet and the wedding arrangements. Make sure that the flowers do not contain natural pesticides and are not poisonous. Measure the diameter of the upper part of the cake. If you place the arrangement  on a wedding cake that consists of two tiers or a plain cake without tiers, divide the diameter  into two equal sides. Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard with a diameter as close to the wedding cake. Then cut the shape with scissors.

Cut a foam ball in half. The size of the ball depends on the size of the circle cut the and how high you want to make the floral arrangement for the wedding cake. The extra space left on the cardboard can be covered with artificial leaves later. Stick the ball in the center of the board. Give time to the glue to dry before you start adding the flowers. Choose a wider variety of flowers to lay them down on the cake. Choose a main flower. Put tape around the flowers if it’s necessary. Wrap the wire and tape around the flower stems to add stability. Wrap tape around the plastic flower stems of the artificial flowers, to cover the wires.

Keep in mind how to make the wedding cake: it will be freshly made or will be made some time before and then frozen? Some confectioners will make sooner the cakes in that week, then freeze them and decorate them on Fridays, which usually means that the last touches will be made on their wedding day. A fresh cake will probably taste better. Keep in mind the weather, if the party will take place outdoors. Direct sunlight can melt the glaze. if you decide to use natural flowers to decorate the cake or the base, make sure those flowers are pesticide free.

Wedding cakes can be extravagant, both visual and culinary. The appearance of the wedding cake has become more and more  a culinary art and it is not a need anymore to  be round, with overlapping tiers. Innovative cakes can be shaped as a basket of flowers, boats, musical instruments, landmarks of the city, square, heart shape, and the list goes on.

Even if the traditional white wedding cake is still popular, many couples choose modern wedding cakes that can reflect their personality, a special theme or another source of inspiration – only limited by your imagination. You can, also personalize the wedding cake decorations you put on it. Embellish the wedding cake with a family keepsake and ribbons of frosting for a sophisticated wedding cake.11

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